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It all starts with your putter. It has been established that in putting the most important element is speed. Swinging a putter is often referred to as a pendulum. It’s assumed a pendulum starts from a very still position. In putting, your whole body has to be completely still and the only thing that moves should be spinal rotation, often referred to as shoulder rotation. Decide how far back to take a putter in order to allow it to swing through. The speed comes from allowing the arms to swing freely, as you allow the weight of the club to create its own acceleration.The weight of the club doesn’t change. The weight to the club is always the same unless you make the putter shorter or longer, adding or subtracting weight. The more you learn how much force comes from the putter the better you will putt. Putting into practice: Go to your putting green. Aim for the fringe of the putting green not to a hole. Start with an uphill putt, think of how far back you need to take it and let the putter swing. Try to get as close as possible to the edge of the fringe. Now do the same exercise with a downhill putt. Again selecting the fringe as your target. Putting to the fringe edge allows your arms to swing freely and you will quickly begin to judge the length of your backswing. The more you stay still, the freer your arms are the faster the putter moves.

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Geebran Warchausky
Geebran Warchausky




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