Safe up and down with your wedges

Updated: Aug 8

Knowing and understanding how to create consistent speed is paramount to getting up and down inside of 100 yards.

Photography by Wise Deer Productions

The stance you create with wedges is going to be very different from the putter stance. Since the task is to create shorter swings your feet will be much closer together and the lower body open to the target. The body weight will be on the lead foot. Your arms will be hanging from the shoulders. For very short distances, choke down on the club. Use your shoulders not your hands to take the club back. The resistance created with your legs will bring the club back down by allowing the hips to rotate towards the target.

Within a very short amount of time you will understand exactly how far a wedge will hit the ball as we transition. Allowing the club to gather speed is very different from just swinging the arms. When you just swing the arms your mind has to calculate the distance of the swing and the amount of force needed to create it. When you rotate your shoulders back, hold your legs together, the setup dictates how far back the club goes and the hips create the downswing.

Photography by Wise Deer Productions

Put this into practice by selecting targets at 20, 40, and 60 yards. Your goal is to keep things simple. You will use more or less of the club when taking the club back allowing the club to do all of the work.

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